The Elite Package


Tidewater / Prestwick Country Club / Arrowhead / Sea Trail Jones / Arcadian Shores



-pick 3 from included golf courses

-price includes all taxes and fees

-your Golf Director will contact you to add the dates for your included course selections and go over other options with you

-can add additional rounds of golf with your Golf Director at time of choosing your initial included rounds

-Free 9 hole replay available on same day and same course. Booked at time of check in at course and base on availability

-Have fun and many Birdies to YOU!


-Must play three courses included in package


Varies on time of booking and time of play.

Pricing incentives below and more advanced booking = more savings !

0-2 Months Advance booking

3-5 Months Advance booking

6-10 Months Advance booking

11+ Months Advance booking

Please call your golf director at (800) – 642 – 3108!